mobile app distribution

– Active users that engage with your app and are open to in-app purchases

– From 100 to 50,000 installs a day

– CPI starting from $0.15 – or just go for CPA or revshare

– Multiple targeting options – geo, gender, age, etc.

Why us?

Up to 50.000 installs a day

You can always expect great service from us, no matter if you only need 100-200 installs/day for a start or are ready to go big on traffic. Moreover, the quality of traffic you will get from us will always be flawlessly high, regardless of the size of your order.

No middlemen = up to 50% in savings

When you promote your app in any of the major mobile distribution platforms, up to 50% of your budget is distributed among several levels of resellers. When you work with us, you avoid all these middlemen at once.

CPI starting from just $0.3

Our rates are among the lowest on the Internet. The proposed CPI of your app will be calculated based on your app’s marketing potential and current number of installs. We always do our best to make this price fully transparent.

High quality traffic only

It took us years of hard work and tons of feedback from our customers to understand, which traffic sources bring the highest ROI to the mobile apps we promote. We want to build lasting, mutually profitable partnerships, which is why we use the abovementioned traffic sources only.

Extensive targeting options

Whether you already know who your perfect users are and where they live or you are yet to discover it, we can help you find your target audience and show your ads exclusively to it. We offer targeting by location, carrier, connection, age, gender and many other options.

Choose the most effective channels yourself

Our platform allows us to send you the IDs of separate marketing channels and campaigns so that you can choose the ones that work best for you and tell us to focus on them instead of running your ads across our entire network.

Our services

CPI user acquisition

You want to drive loads of new users to your mobile app in a smart and cost-effective way? Then this is the option for you. It’s way easier than buying traffic as you don’t have to pay for clicks but get charged for each install of your app instead. We offer non-incent traffic from the most reliable exclusive sources only

Revshare partnerships

Got a cool app but don’t know how to market it right? Contact us and, if we find your project interesting, we will take care of the whole marketing process for you and also help you with app monetization. And it won’t cost you a single penny as we offer you a revshare partnership, which means we will charge a percentage of your app’s potential profits but drive traffic at our own cost.

Investments in your app

Your app works, the users like it and the business model looks nice and healthy? Looking for extra funding to solidify your success and scale your business? Direct2Offer can help! Not only do we have investment money – we can also throw in valuable consulting services from Russia’s and Europe’s leading online business experts who will help your business expand globally.

Contact us and see what Direct2Offer can help you with!


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